I would love to nominate Aurore for Au pair of the month. She came to us when we were in desperate need of a re-match and our children were very unsettled.

She arrived on a Saturday and had to start work with 4 children and all the school runs on a Monday. She made it look easy....We told her just to get used to the kids and not to worry about chores for her first few days. Well not only did she win the kids over in a flash, she managed all the washing and I didn't even show her how to use the machine.

After 10 years of being a parent she can achieve more in a day than I ever could. The other night I was starting dinner and I sliced my hand open very severely on a can. She jumped right in looking after the kids while my husband rushed me to A and E. We ordered takaways as we knew it would have been stressful managing all the kids at dinner hour. When we arrived home our boys were in bed, the house was spotless and the Chelsea Winter dinner I had started was cooked and the dishes done. I actually think she is a magical nanny fairy.

Not only is she amazing at her job she genuinely loves the kids. Noah who is two used to scream when I left the house and has typical toddler attachment issues. Since Aurore's arrival he waves bye and no tears. It is emotional to see the wonderful bond they share. She is always playing with him and finding interesting activities to share together. My son Lincoln has been difficult for previous au pairs but Aurore is firm, gentle and manages him beautifully. She is an exceptional role model for my daughters and they have all bonded fast.

Aurore really deserves to be au pair of the century not just the month.


Thanks for considering my nomination.


The Lane family.

Lane family

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