On today her birthday I want to nominate Jac our amazing au pair for the Au Pair of the Month award.

She is amazing and perfect for our home. She is there for our family when we need her but also give us all the privacy we need. Jac follows all of our instructions, helps with cleaning, cooking, washing and so many other things. She bakes for us without us asking, keeps the house clean and does extra things even when we don't ask . We don't get to spend much as a family (due to shift work) but Jac gives us a space when Sam and I are home at the same time .

She is flexible, fun, friendly and fabulous!

Our little girl adores her and I fully trust her with Alexandra, I know she will be looked after and Jac will do anything for her! They are great friends!!!!

She comes with us to Alexandra's activities when she is not working, does extra hours if I ask, comes on family trips with us and help us to look after Alexandra.

Alexandra loves Jac and she is so happy with her!!!!

Jacqueline Otto

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