I'd like to nominate our au pair Kerstin as au pair of the month (year too!).

From the first minute she arrived with us she has slotted right into the family and joined in with us. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds and she is always looking for new ideas to share with the girls. 

The girls adore her and she has the perfect mix of love, kindness and authority with them, not only that, she is a great support to me and helps to back up and support all my parenting. 

I work long shifts and I miss the girls while I'm out however I doubt they have much time to miss me as Kerstin has always got a plan for them to keep them occupied. They bake, they cook, they do arts and crafts. They play outside, they read, they go to the park. She always takes great care to spend time doing things they love and she seems to have infinite patience.

She sends me photo's everyday (including this one when they were off to Antarctica on a hot February day!) which helps keep everyone connected. Her beautiful learning stories bring tears to my eyes every time I read them. She puts so much thought into them she really and truly does know the girls well and I can see that their successes are her successes and she feels such love for them. It really makes me feel so secure that the girls have gained such a wonderful caregiver and sister figure in their lives. 

As a person I really admire Kerstin's spirit - she always looks for the positive and she seize's the day travelling and planning experiences with her free time. I am truly thankful for Kerstin being in our lives and being such a great role-model for my girls - thank you Kerstin - we love you!!

O'Neill family

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