Saskia, Saskia. Where to begin? As I sit here on the couch crippled in pain from recent surgery, drinking a coffee you just made for me, I think to myself, wow. You truly are an amazing au pair!

There are no words to describe the extra effort you put in on a daily basis. I want everyone to know how amazing you are. And sorry, I just had to share photos of some of the extra things you do.

Just yesterday you had to put my pressure socks on me from after my surgery - what a mission that was (lucky they were clean aye!) And just one of MANY examples of how you go above and beyond.

Looking after your host mum as well as the children isn't part of your job description but you do it anyway. And after surgery you were stuck with having to get the toddler up at 3am when he wanted a bottle and then face the next day being super tired.

Saskia, you truly are an amazing au pair. Not only do you do your job everyday well, you constantly take on many more tasks to ensure the household runs smoothly. The kids adore you, in fact, the toddler calls you mum mum because he loves you so much like he loves me. 

Be proud of how amazing you are. Never change. We love you Saskia


Melissa, Jordyn, Karsten (and Julio the cat - who by the way now permanently lives in your room oops). 

The Rose family

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