Theresa Hofbauer

Theresa moved to NZ, into our family, at a chaotic time when we were moving house. After her first week she was already settled in as a member of the family and the kids were loving having her around. She not only adapted really well into her new lifestyle, she adapted amazingly well into ours. We are not the easiest family to live with. We speak two languages at home, Portuguese and English, we don't watch TV and we are really conscious about what our family eats, meaning small amounts of processed foods but lots of real food and veggies, and also very strict with our routines.

Theresa is always willing to help and learn and always comes up with new ideas. She's a fab hand in the kitchen and has taught us lots and never fails to improvise a dessert for special occasions. She includes the kids when cooking and they have so much fun. Often, they can't wait for us to get home to try one of their new recipes. The kids are calmer, most of the time, when around her. Bella loves playing with Playdoh and reading while Ed loves colouring and playing with Lego. Her calm approach gives the kids and us a sense of security. Her positivity and happiness make us happy. She is also very good photographer. She made the kids birthday party very special, making a cake and helping with the favours, which was unforgettable. She has taught them a bit of German and makes an effort to learn and speak Portuguese.

We just can't imagine when it comes time to say goodbye, not having this sweet, beautiful girl around our family.

You made these months so easy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ich Liebe Dich Theresa!

The Schwab Family

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