Theresa Prigan

Theresa joined our family in November last year & we have never looked back. Little T as she is known in our home is our first au pair so we were totally nervous about having someone join us but I can honestly say that the moment she stepped into our home it was comfortable. Fast forward nearly 5 months and I have no idea how we managed without her.

Theresa has got to know the children very well & makes sure our babies are super happy. They now jump all over her & love playing games & spending time with her. There is nothing more precious than hearing your children giggling when we walk in the door, it is so nice!

She is very much part of our family and we love having her here.

Theresa will also think about things every busy working family need to think about. Without any prompting from us she will have cleaned cupboards, done some baking, cooked the dinner and fed the children all before we get home. She takes away all the thinking for us so that when we get home we can just spend time with the kids.

Theresa has made the whole au pair experience for us completely enjoyable, she is relaxed & a real joy to be around. She is happy to take the kids anywhere, teach them new things & more than happy to do anything she is asked. She will often spend time with us outside working hours which is really nice.

I hope she wins au pair of the month because she deserves it & I would have nominated her a while ago but didn't send in the nomination till now.

 The Dukic Family

Dukic family

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