Viola has been wonderful for our family.

Viola has a great and relaxed demeanor and we have found she gets along well with everyone.

Viola is confident, caring and kind. The kids and Viola have got to do quite a lot of activities together which is great and they listen to her. After daycare, they often go to the park and get lots of play opportunities. On outings they have been able to go to the Trampoline Park, Kelly Tarltons and meet with other au pairs.

The kids really enjoy playing with other children so this is great. Viola has embraced the children's interests and allows them to direct their play and learning. Viola is really great at playing imaginative games with our boy, Ashwin (4) and reading stories to our youngest Lyla (2).

The kids really enjoy Viola's company and often ask about her when she is not there.

We have found Viola to be helpful at all times. Viola stepped in to help with the music at a wedding recently and embraced her role as the "emergency DJ". Viola has been on hand when the kids have been sick- including Lyla's humongous leg after standing on a bee where Viola carried her around, entertained and distracted her while it subsided (for 2 days!).

Viola is able to step in to help with meals and she has taught us some things about cooking and Bavarian cuisine which has been great too. Viola has already been thinking about what to prepare for Ashwin's lunchbox when he starts school in March! It is great to know that if we are running late home from work, Viola will always make sure the kids are fed and taken care of.

Viola has been wonderful about keeping us informed about what's happening and we sit and talk over dinner each night.

Viola has had a great impact on our family and I have no hesitation in nominating her for au pair of the month (or even the year!)

The Deva family

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