Being a Host Family

2017_Being A Host Family

Opening your home to a new person from the other side of the world can be a little overwhelming at first. Luckily, with Au Pair Link there to support you at every turn, the idea of becoming a host family quickly begins to present a whole range of benefits. We think of ourselves as one big whānau - the Au Pair Link family. Just as your au pair will love and support your children through their highs and lows, we are here to support you.

Choosing an au pair means so much more than just 'getting childcare sorted'. Because an au pair becomes part of your family, they adapt to your family routines, and in particular, ensure that your little ones are feeling secure and confident. An au pair also helps free up your time (no more pick-ups and drop offs to daycare), leaving you to enjoy the precious moments you have with your children.

An au pair is all about loving in-home childcare that offers convenience and flexibility. If your children have a cough or cold your au pair is there at home to care for them. At the end of a busy working day, your au pair has the time to tell you about the adventures of the day.

Many host families tell us that after getting their first au pair, they weren't sure how they coped without one! As an au pair weaves into the fabric of your family life, your previously stressful day-to-day routines become a distant memory. Being a host family is a truly rewarding experience and it is not uncommon for lifelong friendships to develop between a host family and their au pair.