Enrolment Process

Enrolling your little ones with Au Pair Link is easy. Because we're licensed by the Ministry of Education, you are required to complete a Child Enrolment Form for each child under five years of age. Our Child Enrolment Forms capture all the information we need about your child, including enrolled hours (and 20 Hours ECE details), as well as any applicable health or medical information. Our full enrolment process is detailed below:

  1. Complete your host family application online
  2. We visit your home, discuss your needs and conduct a health and safety check
  3. We conduct a police check on all adults living in your home
  4. You download and sign your Child Enrolment Forms. Upload a signed version for each child (under five years) to your online account or simply send into us via the post.

Please note - because you'll have a Ministry of Education licensed programme being implemented in your home, we may need to make some recommendations in order to ensure that we are both compliant with healthy and safety guidelines. Similarly, our family police checks are conducted to ensure we are placing au pairs in a safe environment. We are not concerned with any minor infringements. If you have any concerns regarding the police vetting process, please contact one of our Placement Managers who will be able to discuss this with you further.

Child Attendance Sheets

Once your children have begun their learning journey, your au pair will complete monthly Child Attendance Sheets for each child under five. These are simple, one-page timesheets that record the hours of care being provided (parents just need to check and sign). Child Attendance Sheets are a Ministry of Education requirement and are necessary to receive your 20 Hours ECE or WINZ subsidies, however they are not linked to the payable au pair wage.