The Jurd family (Auckland) - May 2017

For my second family 

Host mum Em & host dad Matt
with cheeky little Harriet.
Nash the dog we don't forget,
a perfect family I bet! 

You live in Howick, cute and nice
I could call it paradise!
The beach is also very close,
always fresh air for the nose. 

My time with you is ending soon
But I can see it in the moon
back I come to all of you
and see my little monkey-moo. 

Emily, you're young and fit,
you can't see it not a bit,
creating life is tough and long
but you are very very strong!!
You're warm and kind to all of us,
your baking is an extra plus.
Your family is No 1,
endless love and lots of fun.
I admire how you handle all,
work, the fam and still going to the mall.
Giving me some helpful tips
For my coming weekend trips.
Showed me so much about motherhood,
dealing with it better than most women ever could.

Oh Matt, where shall I start,
awesome cook and super smart.
Same taste in chocolate, same taste in gin,
after that we can't stop grin'.
I like your curiosity
You're always up for a cookie
Maybe 2 or maybe 3
But always busy as can be.
Support your wife with all you've got
Your girls just hit the jackpot!
Cheeky cheat nights have been great
Had fun with German words I translate.
Kühlschrank, Mikrowelle or Frischhaltefolie,
there's not a rhyme for that. 

Harriet you stunner child,
super cute but also wild.
Definitely my favourite girl,
love your cuddles and your twirls.
You're so confident and kind,
trusted me like you were blind.
The best gift ever was our time
Which led me to do this rhyme.
Love you lots with all my heart
Just hope we're not for long apart.
You'll always be a part of me
and showed me how my kids should be. 

Nash the kelpie, "on your bed!"
The sentence that's been always said.
Through the park and to the beach,
chasing the ball without a leash.
You filled the gap from missing my own
How many times the ball I've thrown? 

Emily, Matt, Harriet and Nash,
for me you are the perfect match.
Not a rhyme could ever say
How happy you've made me every day. 

Thank you for making the last 9 months to something even more special. New Zealand wouldn't have been the same without you and I'll always keep you in my heart as my second family. I wish you all the best for your future, fingers crossed I'll be part of it again soon. There wasn't a better match for me than you 3 with Nash, it's been a real gift for me becoming part of the Jurd's.

I love you and will miss you heaps. 

Your first au pair, 







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