Lawrence family (Taranaki) - January 2017

Dear Alecia, Hayden, Fletcher, Finn and Emelia,

I can't believe that I'm already here for five months; it feels like one week and my whole life at the same time. I feel like a real family member and you are my second family. Home is where the Dome is (famous church in my home town in Germany) and home is where Mount Taranaki is!

You are such a beautiful family and there is so much love around our house. Like always when you make such a big decision to travel on the other side of the world there is a little bit insecurity in our heart but mine flew away in my first week in your family.

You support me with my trips and activities I want to do. All my friends are welcome in your house and you try to make especially the Christmas time as easy as possible for me. I am looking forward to our big au pair BBQ.
Alecia it was such a lovely welcome to see your open smile on the airport and we could directly talk so much. You have always an open ear for me and advice. Thank you for watching the best TV shows, borrowing me your shoes and let me taste sea urchins.

Hayden thank you for all the ice cream and the new potato recipes. And all the funny Friday evenings at indoor soccer. We are the second team from behind … so nearly winner. You are maybe not the best photographer but I have all the experiences on the farm in my memories driving the tractor, feed calves, milking and inseminate cows.

And my little troublemaker. Sometimes I need all my patience but then you are stealing my heart with your smiles and funny comments. Fletcher I am so proud of how much you learned the last month in school and you are the best big brother for Emelia and Finn. My little helper Finn you are the master chef in the kitchen and in the vegetable garden.

And Emelia I love listening to your stories also when I can't understand everything. You are just too funny when you are saying my name a hundred times just because you are proud of your words.

Thank you that I can be a part of your amazing family and you welcomed me in the world of craziness. I hope you come visit me in Germany so that I can share all the nice places and my family with you. And Emelia is already planned as an au pair for my kids.

Lots of Love,


Ann-Sophie Schmidt

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