The Nightingale family (Auckland) - April 2017

Dear lovely host family,

I hope that you will be the next family of the month, because for me you are the best host family. Not only of one month, you are the best host family ever.

Last summer in Germany I was so nervous how everything will work here in New Zealand, on the other side of the world. And I am so glad that I can say now, it was the best decision in my life and I am so happy that I get you as my host family. The plan was that I am staying for six month at your family. But after two month you ask me if I would like to stay longer, this decision was not easy for me, but I am so happy now that I decided with you together that I will stay eleven month in all in your wonderful family. I can't believe now I am already more than eight month here and it feels so like home. I cannot imagine how it will feels when I have to leave. Better I don't think about it yet otherwise I would be too sad.

Sarah, you are the perfect host mum, if I need help you will support me directly. I admire you so much for what you do every day. You are the perfect mum for your kids and a great business woman. I remember before Josh birthday, you worked after work on Josh hotwheels-cake and at the end I thought it comes from the bakery, the cake looks gorgeous. You are really a wonderful mum and Paige and Josh knows this, every time when you are coming home from work they are so happy to see you. I like to watch Shortland Street with you in the evening. (Don't care about Chris means it is rubbish.) I enjoy spending time with you and also this helps me feeling home here.

Chris you are the perfect host dad. I like your way to make jokes and I like to talk with you. If I tell you something about my next travel trips for example, you give me a lot of tips and ideas what I can do there and often you show me directly in the internet pictures from the wonderful things in New Zealand. You are the perfect dad for your kids, Josh and Paige they love you so much. Special Paige is so excited about the new swing, what you built, that she can't stop talking about it. I've learned from you that some action films are really cool, but I think Horror film I will never like, no matter how many I will look with you.

Josh and Paige I am so glad that I can be your au pair. You are the best children I could wish and I love you so much. After all this month we are having so a close relationship and I am telling the truth when I am saying, that it feels like you are the best host children in the world. Paige is the cutest and loveliest girl ever and Josh is so kind and helpful older brother. I have so much fun with you guys every day and when you give me cuddle at the evening, it feels like family.

Sarah, Chris, Josh and Paige you all help me every day that I am feeling here, so far away from my family, home! Thank you so much for all what you are doing for me. I would like to say more than thank you, because this it was I feel. I cannot wait to spend the next four months with you. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and affectionately to your family. I thank you all for all the things in the past and I look forward to spend the further time with you.

You are the perfect host family for me,

Thanks and love Johanna

Johanna Berendes

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