The Paul family (Auckland) - June 2017

Dear Emma-Kate, dear Mark, dear James, dear Lottie and dear Jack.

You five have made me a home in the last six months. I am so thankful to call myself part of your family. For me, you are not the host family of the month but you are the host family of my life. I won't ever have the chance to get this unique experience again. 

We are a team. A team which supports each member. Thank you kids for always setting the table when I do the cooking, for being kind to each other, for helping each other like team mates do, for being amazing and for making my time in New Zealand unforgettable.

Home is where the heart is. Lottie you told me a couple of times that my home is in Germany. And then you asked me to show you my home on the globe. And when I told you that my current home is with you, you agreed. Thank you all for making me feel that way! 

A new life for me started in January 2017. A lot has happened since then. It was my pleasure to see you learning how to read, James, to see you developing independence, Jack and to see you gaining confidence, Lottie.

New cultures came into your life as well. I really enjoy baking German cakes or cooking German dishes. I reckon that our "cultural highlight" was baking German pretzels because we combined it with counting not only in English, but in German and Māori. 

A lot of new things are going to happen when I leave. I am happy that you found a new au pair and I am sure that she will help you grow. I am excited to see how all of you are going to develop and already looking forward to showing you my home in Germany. 

Unbelievable how fast time passes when you do something you enjoy. And I can tell, that I really love being an au pair, your au pair especially. Every day is different, and that makes it so enjoyable. But as you all know, I need to go back to Germany to start my studies. 

Whānau, Where life begins and aroha (love) never ends. 

Thank you all for this amazing time. My adventure couldn't have been any better.

Your au pair, Benita ♡

Benita Schmidt

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