Riley family (Christchurch) - November 2016

Dear Nicola, Simon, Max and Sasha,

I am living with you for almost four months now and I could not be happier. From the first moment on you welcomed me as a part of your family. I still got my "welcome Sabrina" poster and I will surely take it back home to Germany (or Christchurch, who knows where I really come from?).

It is amazing what a lovely family you are.

Simon, you are probably the real German here. I am sorry that I do not share your passion for Sauerkraut. But we can still eat Schnitzel and Spätzle together. Without you I would probably be froze to death by now. No one sets the fire as good as you do.

And Nicola, thanks for watching all the girly stuff with me. Grey's Anatomy wouldn't be the same without you. And so is "Masterchef" although I really think you should have the powerapron because your food is the best! Moreover, I have found someone who is at least as crazy as I am (birthday preparations is all I say).

I know I couldn't have it better. Max and Sasha grow up in a home I wish everybody to have. And both are totally lovely. I love spending time with them. Sasha you are definitely trouble sometime but mostly you are the sweetest little girl I know. We have so much fun together. When you are laughing, you are simply too cute that's why I just can't stop tickling you. And Max you are probably the best big brother in the whole wide world. Sasha can be so happy to have you. But you are both taking care of each other. You taught me that siblings don't necessarily have to fight all the time. I won't pretend you are never shouting at each other because obviously you do but you are cuddling at least twice as often.

All in all, I am so thankful to be with you. You are always there for me. I can talk to you whenever I have a problem and you are giving me the advices I need. I can come to you with everything, no matter what.

I hope you see it the way I do but I think, my craziness fits perfectly in this family. You made my four months unforgettable and I am really looking forward to the rest of my year with you. I am convinced that there is no other family that deserves being family of the month more than you do. But even if you are not getting it, you are my personal family of the month throughout the whole year. I wouldn't want to change a single thing about you.

Thank you for being awesome, all of you!

Lots of love,


Sabrina Nickel

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