The Coleman family (Geraldine) - February 2017

Dear Nicky, Brad, Alex and Fletcher,

I can't believe that I'm living with you since almost 10 month! I feel like home and couldn't ask for a better host family to live with!

Since the first time I've met you I was sure that you will be the right host family for me!

Your whole big family welcomed me as part of your family. Your parents/ grandparents and Laura and Ellen support us in everything we are doing and if we call for help they will do as much as they can to help! That's amazing and I'm really thankful for this support!

Dear Nicky,

You are the best host mum I could ever ask for! You support me in everything I'm doing, it doesn't matter if it is something private or not! I love sitting in the lounge with you in the evening watching a movie or Masterchef. You are a great mum, also if you tell everyone that I'm the better mum, I know that you are the most amazing mum your kids could have! The kids always ask me during the day where you are because they really love you! When they hear the gate opening they look at me; begin to smile and they say "mummy is here" and run to the door to be the first one who gets a big cuddle!

Dear Brad,

Thank you for many jokes and funny talks! You always make me laugh! You are a really busy man therefore we don't see each other that much, only in the evening and sometime on the weekend. But I know that you are the  best dad your kids could ask for. They are always happy to see you, love to play with you and really enjoy to be at the yard with you or do the lawn.

Dear Alex,

You are the most energetic and honest kid I've ever met! You are a really good big sister and you enjoy playing with your brother and also looking after him. We know each other since 10 month but it feels like we know each other much much longer. From the beginning you were so open-minded and you welcomed me at the first step. We did so many things together and I enjoyed all of them and I'm sure you did too! During the day you are a big help for me, you love helping and that's great!

Dear Fletcher,

You are the cutest wee boy I've ever met! You are always happy and you are looking forward to everything we are doing together! You enjoy playing with your tractors, trains and you love jumping on the trampoline and having a swim in the pool. I love tickling you because it's so nice to see you laughing. 

I love these kids like they are mine. I feel like half a big sister and half a mummy during the day! It is kind of weird to say but I really love this family!!!

Your family showed me that I'm not alone on the other side of the world. You welcomed me as part of your family and I'm so thankful! I would love to stay here much longer but in around 2 month it is time for me to say goodbye to you! I hope it won't be a goodbye forever.

I hope you see it the way I do! Therefor I would like to nominate you as "host family of the month"! You really deserve it and also if you won't be the "winner" you are my personal host family, not even of the month, you are my host family of the year and also my host family of the biggest life experience I've ever had!

 Thank you for the most amazing time and for being my second home!

"Home is where the heart is" and a part of my heart will always stay here!

Lots of love,


Annika Graf

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