Featured Au Pairs


Amrei (Germany, 19 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 1227 hours
Start Date – 21/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair Assist
Term – 3 months
Hi! My name is Amrei. I'm 19 years old and I come from a little bavarian town. I attended a kind of grammar school ("Fachoberschule") in the 12th grade. My major subject was Social Studies. My hobbies are playing volleyball, photography, meeting friends and travelling. I'm an outgoing, humorous, communicative, adventurous, a little bit quit girl. I love it to work with little children and discover a wonderful country with a new culture. Before I came to New Zealand I went babysitting regularly. Since 2 months I'm living in New Zealand as an AuPair. My current host family lives in Auckland. I really like my work with the two little monkeys , especially when we can go outside! Unfortunatly my current host family will move to Papamoa in October. That's why I'm looking forward to find a new funloving, lovely family where I can stay until the end of January!

Elena (Germany, 18 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 1488 hours
Start Date – 1/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair 123
Term – 6 months
Hello ! My name is Elena Peeters and I am from Germany. I am 18 years old and currently finish my A-levels. My hobbies are to play the guitar, sing, meet friends and spend time with children. I am a honorary youth leader since 2014 for a organisation with which we are in a summer camp every year.Sometimes I work as a babysitter . Since December 2016 I have my driver´s licence.

Britt (Germany, 17 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 642 hours
Start Date – 6/11/2017
Programme – Au Pair 123
Term – 9 months
I'm from Friedberg in Germany and at the moment I do an apprenticeship as a multi-lingual assistent. I like children very much and New Zealand is a wonderful country with many exciting places. I want to do this experience because I want to do something on my own for the first time in my life. I care for children who want to be confirmed for 4 years now. We meet once a month on a saturday and explain the children special things about God in a more simple and easier way. Every year we go to Grado, Italy on a camp, where we sleep in tents, have fun together and also talk about God. I love to do that in my spare time because every child is different but you come along with everyone and you teach them something for their lifetime.

Pia-Charlott (Germany, 18 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 378 hours
Start Date – 2/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair 123
Term – 9 months
Hello! My name is Pia-Charlott and I am 18 years old. I come from Germany, more precisely from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, which you can find in the north. I really love to dance. I am doing ballet since I am four and I am also in a show dance group, which arises at our regional carnival. Meeting friends, listening to music and reading are also hobbies of me. Together with a friend I started a dance group of round about 12 young girls at our school to teach them rhythm and fun in professional dancing.I also worked as a trainer for the regional carnival club. Besides that, I completed a practical training at a primary school for one week. I got to know the everyday life of a teacher and I had the chance to give a lesson for class 3. When I was a little kid we had a lot of animals, like horses, rabbits, cats, chicken, pigs or dogs. So I can say I have grown up on a farm. Nowadays we just have some cats and one dog.

Hanna (Germany, 18 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 1146 hours
Start Date – 15/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair 123
Term – 6 months
Hello there:) My name is Hanna and I come from Germany. I am 18 years old and currently making my A-levels. My experiences in childcare come from babysitting that I do since several years now. Most of the kids I look after are my neighbour's children and I always have a lot of fun with them. Besides babysitting, I dance Hip Hop in my spare time or meet my friends to spend time with them together. After school, I would love to be as an Au Pair in New Zealand to gain more experiences in terms of childcare and to visit and live in New Zealand, a place that fascinates me a lot.

Johanna (Germany, 21 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 5235 hours
Start Date – 9/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair Whiz
Term – 12 months
I live since Mai 1998 in Winkl a little village between Munich and Augsburg. I have two brothers and two sisters: Andreas (born 1998), Philipp (born 2001), Eva (born 2003), Senta (born 2006). I visited school in Prittriching and Weil from 2002- 2012. Since 2012 I do an education as a childcare worker and now as a nursery school teacher. In my village I activly participate in the catholic church and in the fire brigade. I am playing several instruments (flute, horn, guitar) andI like outdoor sports like swimming, hiking, cycling andI like to take pictures.

Phoebe (United Kingdom, 17 years old)

Gender – Female
Experience – 288 hours
Start Date – 11/10/2017
Programme – Au Pair 123
Term – 6 months
Hello, I'm Phoebe! I grew up in Canada before moving to England when I was 15. I am taking a gap year before university - during which time I hope to experience New Zealand. I am from a lively household with two younger brothers, which has given me an in-depth understanding of life in a busy, oftentimes loud, but always fun, family. Growing up, I was involved in many activities, giving me a passion for the arts, and also for more active pursuits, such as karate, in which I hold a black belt. While living in Canada, I had a job at an after-school programme, where I was a tutor and supervisor of 20 children of all ages. I was in charge of their care regarding snacks, homework, cleaning, and some karate teaching. I am excited for the opportunity to work more closely with children through being an Au Pair, and I look forward to forming positive relationships with amazing children! I am a responsible, positive and trustworthy person, who will easily slot into the life of any family.