Because your children are too precious to leave with just anyone, all our au pairs go through a rigorous screening process - including police and medical record checks, childcare and character references and a personal interview to assess their English speaking ability and suitability caring for young children. All our au pairs also have at least 200 hours of documented childcare experience. (On average our au pairs have 1300 hours of documented childcare experience!)

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Au pair duties

An au pair provides in-home, dedicated childcare. Au pair education and care is focussed on providing a stable and secure environment for children in their own home, and ensuring each child gets the full attention and support they need in their early years of life. Au pair responsibilities can include:

  • Child care and education - encouraging, guiding and supporting children in your own home
  • Ensuring routines such as nappy changing, changing of clothes, bottle feeding and bedtimes are carried out
  • Waking the children in the morning and helping them get dressed
  • Preparing meals for your children
  • Helping your child/children take care of their belongings and tidy areas of play
  • Taking your child to playgroups, child outings, day care and other activities such as sport
  • Washing and organising children's clothes throughout the working week