20 Hours ECE

2017_20 Hours ECE

When you join the Au Pair Link family, we can provide you with access to the 20 Hours ECE government subsidy - designed to give families like yours increased options when choosing childcare. The 20 Hours ECE subsidy means choosing an au pair as childcare is more cost-effective than you may have previously thought!

To be eligible for the subsidy, your child must be enrolled in one of our Ministry of Education licensed programmes - Au Pair 123, Au Pair Whiz, Au Pair Assist and Au Pair Support.  You will have to decide which enrolled hours are covered, but you can't claim more than 6 hours per day or 20 hours per week.  Children become eligible for this subsidy once they turn three and are able to receive this until they turn six (or begin attending school). The 20 Hours ECE subsidy is not means tested.

If your child attends more than one ECE service, you can split the hours claimed - as long as these hours don't overlap or exceed 20 hours per week in total.  You'll need to fill in an Au Pair Link enrolment form and confirm the days and hours you are claiming the subsidy. 

If you have any questions regarding the 20 Hours ECE subsidy, please contact us.  Alternatively, you can visit the Ministry of Education website for further information.