What is an Au Pair?

2017_What Is An Au Pair

An au pair is a young person from abroad employed by a 'host family' to care for their children. Au pairs provide a live-in form of childcare and provide a unique cultural and learning experience. When we think about what an au pair offers a family, it is hard to simply label their role as 'childcare' or 'kind of like a live-in nanny' - because it is much more than a job. An au pair joins your family to bond with the children and provide one-on-one care, love and stability in the place which matters most - your child's home.

The word 'au pair' comes from the French word 'on par' or 'equal to' and with most au pairs living with the host family for up to a year, it's not surprising they become an integral and much loved family member. It's not uncommon for au pairs and families to stay in touch after their time together.

Why choose an au pair?

We hear stories every day about the difference having an au pair has made to parents' busy lives and the well-being and happiness of their children. There are four main reasons why we believe an au pair is a great option for busy families.

Help and support

Not only can our au pairs provide a world-class learning experience, they are also there to help with preparing children's meals and take care of laundry duties and other tasks related to the children. Au pairs are also great for children who don't fit into the box of mainstream childcare, for example families in rural communities or children with special educational needs.

Convenience and flexibility

Your au pair is there when you need them - as a live-in caregiver and educator; your au pair is there to make life easier. No more waking the kids up at 6am so you can drop them off at daycare or fretting about finding a last minute babysitter. Your au pair is there to help.


You can get full time care and education for your children from only $190 net per week. Host families actually find that it is a more cost-effective form of childcare than the pay-per-child-per-hour model. With Au Pair Link you'll also have access to 20 Hours ECE government subsidy for children aged 3-5 years as well as WINZ childcare subsidies.

Cultural experience

Having someone from a different culture caring for your children is a fun and educational experience. Au pairs share their culture, language and values, allowing your children to be exposed to different and valuable experiences from their peers and giving them a head start.

We know it's a big decision to open your doors to somebody new. Our experience has shown us that the quality of relationship which develops between children and their au pairs often surpass family expectations.