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Au Pair of the Month

Every month, host families have the opportunity to express their affection and thanks to their au pairs. The winning nomination wins our Au Pair of the Month prize. It’s a great feeling reading these stories about their life-changing experiences and how they’ve become part of the family.  Check out our lovely stories below.

Lea-Sofie Zufle

Our current au pair Lea-Sofie has been an amazing addition to our family for the last 8 months. I would like to nominate her for au pair of the month, as i think she goes above and beyond so often. She has never let us down, and is always so positive about any tasks we ask of her. Lea has made such a fantastic bond with our children, I know they want to go to Germany to visit her one day, and she is a fabulous role model for them. Lea has recently added a new role to her duties, as we have two lambs that our daughters are rearing! So cuddling and feeding lambs has become a normal task in her days. Lea has encouraged all 3 of our children to be involved in lots of activities. She has made a great effort to take them to events and [...]

Claire Duffus – August 2018

Claire came into our lives in September 2017 and quickly became a lifelong member of our family. Her easy, breezy, bubbly personality has made her a joy to be around and we are so going to miss hearing a Scottish accent cheerily wishing us a good morning. Claire has cared for our son Max, who comes with extra challenges in the form of Autism, so incredibly well, with kindness, patience and love in every single moment of the last 12 months. They have formed such a close bond and the two of them do everything together. Claire has been Max's best friend for the last year and we truly do feel like we're going to have a huge hole in our hearts and in our home missing when she goes back home. Claire has taught Max so much, and has made education and learning a part of their time together [...]

Tamara Walser – July 2018

I would like to nominate our au pair Tamara for Au Pair of the Month.Tamara came to us in August last year.  She entered our family when I was recently separated so emotions were high and things were tough.She took this in her stride and nurtured and loved when needed but took charge and applied the rules when required.  She found the balance quickly.  The kids took to her and love her so much.  She has also helped the kids adapt to my new partner and also nurtured them through the fortnightly contact with their father.On weekends that she has no plans she will fold the washing, load or unload the dishes if it needs doing and I haven’t got around to it yet.  This is always done by choice and no expectation.  She will even come along to the kids sports on the weekend.Tamara has learnt to read my [...]

Jana Pichler – June 2018

Jana is amazing with both our children (age 4 and 9).  She connects with each one in a very special way.  The other day I arrived home, and then my eldest mentioned that Jana had promised to play a game with him.  Even though she was off, she took the time out to spend 30 minutes planning with him, just because she had promised she would. Nothing is a problem for Jana.  She is super flexible and can change plans as needed to fit in with what needs to get done.  The other day I had worked late at night and left the kitchen tiding to the next morning.  The children were sleeping in late, and I got to the kitchen to tidy it, Jana had already taken care of it for us.  She goes above and beyond expectations. I mentioned we should do something with some old banana’s [...]

Lara Ahrenholz – May 2018

We would like to nominate Lara Ahrenholz for Au Pair of the Month. We have been lucky enough to have Lara in our house for 10 months and will be sad to see her go home soon. When I asked our youngest child Billy why he liked Lara, he said, ‘I love Lara’, I asked why do you love her, he said ‘because she is the loveliest person in the world’. A pretty good reference!There are many reasons why we would like to nominate Lara.She has been so good with our boys. Our eldest, Zach, didn't want to go to his school holiday programs any more, he would much rather spend time with Lara.  She is very creative, when Zach was learning to count in the ‘10’s’ she pulled out the lego to teach him an approach to learning this, something I would never have thought of! We have dedicated [...]

Annalena Glas – April 2018

When you’re meant to spend a year with a person you’ve never met before, it’s not the grand gestures that make the experience amazing, but the little things. It’s every dinner we share together, most of them entertained by the days adventures and things learned not only by our 2 year old daughter but our au pair Annalena. It’s the new games, songs, and dances she’s taught our daughter. It’s how she engages in hours of imaginary play, donning all sorts of costumes and building or making all sorts of art and craft. It’s singing loudly and enthusiastically in music class or at home to the Wiggles! It’s our family’s excitement to be learning German and experiencing traditional German food in our home. It’s the trust Annalena has earned from our family because she makes smart decisions in every aspect of her own life and always puts the needs of [...]