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Host Family of the Month

Every month, au pairs nominate their host family for the Host Family of the Month prize. They tell us of their experience in New Zealand how their families welcomed them into their  lives. Check out our lovely stories below.

The Giri Family – September 2018

Dear Meg, Hori, Bela, Yas and Jes, I am here in New Zealand for seven and a half months now (wow time runs so fast) and from the beginning on I wanted you to become „the host family of the month“. You want to know why? First of all because I already felt as a part of your family from the beginning on and there are also many other reasons for that: Meg – you are my „second mum abroad“. From the beginning on you let me feel like a part of your family. That helped me a lot in the first few weeks in a new country, culture and family. I can talk with you about anything and you have everytime the right answers and suggestions. If I am not feeling alright you notice that immediately and if I had a hard day with the girls, you are [...]

The Glossop Family – August 2018

From the first month with you, I wanted to nominate you “The best host family of the month”, even though you already are the best family in my eyes, which I hope you already know, and with this nomination it’s now official.I have only been a part of your family for 3 months, but it feels like we have known each other for much longer. From the beginning you have included me in your crazy but lovely family and made me feel safe in your presence. Luca and Eloise, I have loved our time together, and I know without a doubt, you will both grow into being extraordinary people, and I hope all your dreams come true, you truly deserve it.Eloise, even though you are in school during the week, I still think we have a special bond. We can do all sorts of things together, from sitting still painting [...]

The Jackson Family – July 2018

Dear Tanya, Marc, Poppy and Elsie, This month it’s time to nominate you for the host family of the month. I hope you know that you have this title already, but I would like it to be official. 🙂 I have only been here for four months, but it feels like its been only two and as if I have known you for years. From the beginning on I felt welcomed, appreciated and involved. Girls, you two are so cute and lovely and I am sure you will grow into beautiful and strong women. Poppy, you are such a big girl going to school now and being a talented reader! I love when your eyes start sparkling as you get excited for an activity or as you get an idea of what we can do next. Elsie, you are so brave going to Koru alone now and being one [...]

The Gerring Family – June 2018

I would like to nominate the Gerring family for the host family of the month. I’ve been in New Zealand for almost 11 months when I had to go into a rematch for my last month here. My host family in Auckland was moving and sadly I had to leave them. I was really worried about finding a family for only one month, I mean how high are the chances that there’s a family needing an Au Pair for a month? When I finally got the email that there’s a family not too far from Auckland looking for an Au Pair I got excited. I had luck with my first host family already and I didn’t expect to find a wonderful family again. But when I talked to Crystal on the phone for the first time, I felt relieved, because she sounded very nice. When the day came and [...]

The Bartlett Family – May2018

I would like to nominate the Bartlett family for host family of the month. Why? This question is very hard to answer in just one letter, but I will do my best. Dear Caroline, Chris, Georgia and Victoria, This is my attempt to thank you for the last 8 months we have spent together. I appreciate all the fun we have had and all the small and big things you did for me. Since my first day, you welcomed me into your life and your family, as if I had always been a part of it and I have felt more than comfortable ever since. Making a stranger feel like a family member can be difficult, but all your efforts made it seem easy. Whether it was inviting me to family dinners, birthday parties or holidays you always made me feel welcome. By asking about my day, my family [...]

The Conlan Family – April 18

It's been almost ten months now since I first arrived here in Wellington, and I'm still just as happy and excited to be here as I was that first evening when I got off the plane. And I owe it all to my wonderful host family; John, Andrea, James and Sam, and Charlie! From that very first night to now they have been nothing but welcoming and supportive, and I think that has made all the difference. I very quickly felt like I was part of the family, rather than someone who just lived here, and that in turn has made this year so much more fun and rewarding for me. Before I left for New Zealand, everyone kept warning me about homesickness and even after got here there was still a lot of talk about homesickness and how to cope with it. And to be honest, all that talk [...]